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Sep 26, 2014

Hi all- Just thought I'd share a gamified safety module I recently developed. It was built in Storyline 1 using modified PowerPoint clip art:


Thanks for your feedback.

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Jacob Selin said:

I kinda like it. Just wondering why you dont use the Multiple Choice instead of "all of the above". 

You mean the multi-select function? It was the number of correct responses that led me to make that choice. I use multi-select when there are more correct answers than 3. Don't know why. Just a thing.
InnerAct Studio

Bruce Graham said:

Just a question - but isn't that more of a "game", rather than "gameified", which uses the principles of competition, (badges, scores, leader boards etc.)?

I would think it is the other way around- a game uses scores, awards, and everything else you mentioned, whereas 'gamified' refers to something that uses elements of play, and may use other game elements as well. In this case, the element of play consists of how the user moves throughout the module.

InnerAct Studio

Phil Mayor said:

Nice idea, I would agree this is a game not really gamification.

Couple of pointers I would remove the previous button on the first slide, and on the slides after each question as you really cannot do anything if you go back.  

Thanks for sharing

You're welcome Phil! And thanks about the pointer- This example is actually part of a larger module so I had not removed the previous button before uploading.

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