Gamification in Training

Hi Everyone,

I work for a financial institution (credit union) and we are looking to take our existing online product training and enhance/redesign it with gamification. I'm curious if anyone has any experience developing gaming for training or have used any vendors to develop this type of approach?

Some additonal items:

  • we need to integrate it with SumTotal LMS
  • we would like to incorporate leaderboards, badging, social recogniton, etc.

Any input or points in the right direction would be appreciated!


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G Ubhare

All good points. I agree with some and do not with some. 

Bottom line is anything done for the sake of gamification without a proper though process and without a story/mission/challenge/purpose is bound to fail. This is a general rule of thumb for failure anyway.. I take point from all those who are not so much in favour of gamification e-learning but then what else can we do. Do we just stick to page turning e-learning which the whole industry is crying about and desperately want to get away from?

All these techniques are needed just to bring the much needed changes in e-learning which also bring little bit of fun to e-learning and something different to the users which I believe is definitely more engaging.

Technology is still not advance enough otherwise I would like to bring  VR, AR to e-learning, sure that is not possible for now atleast.

Is innovating and bringing new ideas to e-learning a bad thing? .. I don't think so