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Michael Hinze

Here is a quick (rather rough) example of what this might look like. I have a video on the baselayer and a cue point at 60 sec. Once that cue point is reached a layer is displayed that pauses the baselayer's timeline and overlays a 'whitenoise' video. In my example I link to a vid on YouTube (just to illustrate the concept), so there is a delay while the vid is loaded. But you can always capture a small portion of a whitenoise video, import it into Storyline and loop it to make the transition seemless. Hope that helps a bit.

David Price

I suppose it depends on what type of glitch you want to display.  I'm on the same thinking of Michael, you could do it for layers and use triggers at cue points to display a layer briefly.  For example you have a 60sec long slide and at 10secs you could trigger a slide layer with an image on to show, with a trigger on that layer to close 1sec (or less if you can) after the timeline starts on it.

Not sure if this will produce the effect you want but you may need to produce an image or something in Photoshop that will flicker on, etc but you could probably replicate in some way in SL or PPT.