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Feb 07, 2014

Hello, Heroes!

I'd like your feedback and more creative ideas around Glossaries...for both Studio/Engage '13 and Storyline (as we have both licenses). Ideas to create an "Xtreme Glossary".

We had a client glossary that was just simple text definitions for each term. And, that worked because the glossary functioned only as a "reminder" for experienced learners.

But, what about learners new to the content? How can we make a glossary more "memorable"? The link below is my first-pass Demo.

Glossary Blog Post & Demo

The client did not want audio in any form in the Glossary, but if your ideas for an Xtreme Glossary include audio, I do want to hear/read them.

I hope you will participate. Our clients don't ask for Glossaries very often, so we'd like you to jump-start our creativity.

Thank you!


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Nancy Matheny

Hi Jenise,

I like your demo! The visual contextual examples help with the relevancy aspect of the terms and will assist the learners in understanding of the terms. SO much more interesting and helpful than a simple list of terms and definitions.

An idea you may already have considered - linking the glossary terms to the content in the course/module in some way could also help the learners in associating the new terms with concepts they already understand (visually indicating terms that exist in the glossary, for example in bold, with a hyperlink to the contextual example) can help reinforce things for the new learners.


Jenise Cook (

Hi Nancy, Thanks so much for your idea!

Contextual is "everything". To take your idea and "run with it" in Storyline...


I'm thinking that this glossary (that has over 75 terms in real life) can be a stand-alone Storyline file that we can import into each new module. And yes, link the terms to display as Lightbox, perhaps. Especially for the "new" learners in "orientation" type modules (101 modules, vs. 201, 301, etc.)

Studio/Engage '13

I'm doing a search, now, on how to do the contextual links in '13. But, if y'all have ideas for Studio as well, please share!

aisha mccann

Hi, Thanks so much for your idea!

Not sure if it's an option, but James Kingsley has a widget that allows you to create links in your PowerPoint that will pop open an Articulate Engage Glossary to the term that was clicked. 


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