Good way to search for content with Articulate 360 built courses

Jul 25, 2023

Does anyone have a good way to setup a search feature (such as a Custom Search Engine/API????) within an LMS (or another platform) for specific content built in Rise or Storyline courses?

I am building a client's technical training manuals/guides (microlearning modules for different IFS application training) using Articulate 360.  The microlearning modules will then be 'grouped' into multiple 'programs' designed for individual roles within the organization. The client would like users to be able to search the content (how-to's) later if they need to revisit the a piece of the content without having to complete the entire program. 

If anyone knows of a platform that already does this and can house Articulate 360 scorm packages, or knows of a way how to set something like this up, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

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