Google Swiffy for Flash conversion to put into Articulate - who is

Mar 25, 2014

Hello awesome community!

Is anyone using Google Swiffy for Flash Conversions of AS2 or AS3 content to put into Articulate projects?

And I mean for converting the Flash to HTML5 so that it will play on nice on iPads, etc....

I did not use this tool from Google Beta, until July of 2013, before it was just not good enough and the Google team on this project have made amazing updates, with the latest being Feb 2014 - It even deals with iOS touch issues.  AS2 and AS3 are both now compatible.

If you had a bad experience in the past, and have not looked at it again since July, then you are missing out on having an extremely valuable tool in your tool set as eLearning creators.

I'm open to questions and want to hear and see what you all have done that works great, and things to be aware of and things that just don't work.  I currently know Swiffy has issues with syncing Audio, which is a big issue for some, but not all of my projects.

Lets discuss!


Kyle G. Main

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