GUIDE: Collect Duration Data with xAPI and Storyline

Jan 28, 2020

Hello! I'm back with another xAPI tutorial...I think that some of you may find this one particularly appealing.

This tutorial will teach you how to collect duration other words, if you follow along with this tutorial and implement the code successfully, then you will be able to see how long each user spends in your eLearning course as a whole, as well as how long they spend on each individual slide.

This lets you see how long people are spending on certain learning resources, interactions, quiz questions, and so much more! As you can imagine, this data can help you draw powerful conclusions during analysis.

If you haven't completed the Getting Started with xAPI and Storyline series, I highly recommend you do so before diving into this tutorial. You can find the Getting Started series here:

The new tutorial is here:

If you run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to post them here!

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