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ANNE Learning

I find that using real backgrounds helps quite a lot in building unique stories in Vyond. That's mainly what I use it for. That - and short explainer videos.

Once the subscription is up for renewal, I'll look into this. A great plus about Vyond is that it is an online tool. We have to go through a rigorous and expensive software validation process whenever we want to use something new that needs to be installed :-(

Tracy Carroll

I always use free trials to determine if software is easy for me to learn, so I recommend doing that. I agree that Vyond is very easy to work with—I stared with it, back when it was called GoAnimate. Later I switched to Powtoon, which is very similar. I still use Powtoon, because it’s an online subscription, it’s cheaper than Vyond, and it gives me more character and style options. Because I work with multiple clients as a freelancer, I need to be able to create videos that look very different for different clients.