Hello all, I am looking for help

Jan 24, 2017

I am designing a few web based courses and I am looking for office back grounds in which I can add 2 to 4 people talking.  I am also looking for a back drop of a computer that I can place a graphic over...Any ideas to find?


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Laurie Gilmore

www.elearningart.com has a collection of 280+ office scenes.  I think the annual subscription is $150, so a great deal.  I use them a lot for isolated images that are "e-learning" ready - paper, pens, pencil, road signs, and other random things.

I get all my other images from shutterstock.com.  To fill the screen with a background, you need to have a high quality image or it will show, so a screen-grab cheat isn't going to work ;-)

Good Luck!

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