Help! I need to record TIN CAN / SCORM events in articulate and it looks like its a dead end!

Hi there, I've ran into a major problem where my LMS won't record articulate events, I wanted to set variables on the text fields and record the results, but for the life of me I can't find how to do this with my software. 

I spent the last 4 months making lovely articulate courses and embedded them into my LMS, but it does not record anything. 

So plan B is to get this to record in SCORM and give the client details there, I don't care if it is in another software or not at this stage, I just know I will need to redesign the whole thing if I can't get it to record what the user types into the text boxes, can you guys help? I'm sure it is a possibility as it is important to have metrics on anything like this sort of platform.

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Bob Kaart

Hi Chris,

I've learned the hard way myself. You really need to specify before hand if you need to send actual text values to the LMS. Like the article that Matthew posted, you will need to recreate the screens that you want to send values from. It's not super hard, you can just copy the content to a new slide, it's just going to be a hassle if you have 400 screens.

Designboy Chris

I have about 80 screens, at least I know I'm not screwed! That is great, I think I'll have questions as I go, but will get there! Thanks guys. 

Any one done an example file I can inspect?

my site is and you can see the 5 courses in there. The articualte software is great, really like it, and happy I can at least store info as I go.


Matthew Bibby

You don't need to recreate all of the existing screens to make this work. Here is how I'd tackle it:

  • Add a short answer question to the end of your course.
  • Set it so that it copies the value of your existing variable to the short answer variable.
  • Add a trigger to Submit interaction when the timeline starts. 
  • Cover the contents of the slide with a 'Please wait while your results are submitted' message.
  • Shorten the timeline of each short answer slide to .1 second and set it to advance automatically.
  • Repeat for all variables you want to capture. 
  • Then add a Results Slide that submits results when the timeline starts.

If you publish to SCORM 1.2, the question titles won't be reported to the LMS - however if you publish to SCORM 2004 they will. 

Please see published example here (link valid for a few days) and the source file is attached. Hope that helps.

Bob Kaart

So it would have, in this example 80 slides in the end to submit the 80 input screens? I guess that's a possible way too. It's a good solution if you want to avoid having to re-create for sure

Or you could use javascript to collect all Vars of all 80 screens, and put them into 1 short answer slide.

You beat me to an example, but here is mine anyway!

Matthew Bibby

Yes, that's right Bob, if there were 80 text fields to report then you'd need 80 short answer slides at the end to pass this info to the LMS. It is pretty easy to set up though (just lots of copy and pasting). 

The last time I used this was to capture data from a form that had over 120 fields. It took around an hour to build all of the Short Answer slides and get it all working properly once I figured out the best approach.

The benefit of this method is that each response gets reported separately to the LMS with details of the question (if published as SCORM 2004). 

If you didn't need this level of detail then combining the Vars with JavaScript would be a great option. Do you know how much data can be stored in one JavaScript variable before running into issues?

Bob Kaart

There is no limit on a JS string as far as I know. I just read an article about RAM issues with javascript codes, which also depends what browser you'd use. But I don't think the code would ever get that complex.

WIth the 80 slides at the end, that would be 8 seconds(80 x 0.1s) with the message "Please wait while your results are submitted', which is not perfect but probably a better and quicker solution than having to recreate. - I guess what could be cool is a countdown! Putting a text box on each 0.1s slide like the following: 8   7.9   7.8  7.7 .... haha, the user will atleast get an indication of how long it takes.

Yeah you wouldn't get any details of the questions(titles and such) unless you would hard code them into your JavaScript. which isn't really ideal either.


Good luck Chris!

Matthew Bibby

It sounds like the JavaScript data limit wouldn't be a problem with normal use then (as I suspected, but wasn't sure).

A countdown is a good idea! I just used ellipses to indicate progression as shown in the sample above.

A loading gif would also work well. This site is handy.