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Jerson  Campos

Hi Michelle,

I took a look at your file and hopefully achieved the look you were going for.  

Here is what I did. 

  • I removed the animation path on the forest image.
  • I increased the range of slider 1 from 5 to 100 (smoother animation).
  • I increased the range of slider 2 from 5 to 100 (and renamed it Background).
  • I widened the  background slider so that the image will move left and right but stay within the slide area.
  • I added a simple trigger. Set Background Slider equal to value of Slider 1 when slider 1 changes. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.

If you have a graphic designer on site, I would suggest separating the background trees from the foreground trees and adding it as one more slider.  Decrease the slider width add the same trigger and you would have a really cool parallax effect.