Helping Clients Focus on the End Result

Jun 28, 2018

Looking for tips around the Analysis phase.

Too often, customers come to us with a pre-determined idea about what training should look like ("I want a CBT," etc.) In reality, they usually don't know what the best option is since they haven't thought through it enough, or even if training is the right answer for their circumstance.

What questions do you ask clients/internal customers, etc. to help them define and clarify the end results they are looking for? For example:

"What is the end result you hope to get from this training?"

"What is the biggest challenge that you hope to solve with this training?"

"Finish this sentence for me: 'As a result of this training, our employees will be able to...' "

What other questions do you ask to help clients focus on the end result?


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Nicole Legault

Hey there Keith!

Thank you for posting this discussion here in the E-Learning Heroes Community!

Training Needs Analysis is a very important topic and one that is very near and dear to my heart. Thanks for bringing it up! You are so right that when there's a problem in the workplace managers are often quick to jump on the training and elearning bandwagon without being sure if training will even fix the business problem to begin with. This is why I always do a proper training needs analysis... I've written more about it here:

Do's and Don'ts of Performance Analysis

Training Needs Analysis: When is E-Learning the Solution?

Handle Training Requests Like a Pro

Here's How to Prove the Value of Training at Your Organization 

You'll notice I also included an article about Performance Analysis. This is a crucial part of identifying what the actual business problem is and whether or not training can fix it. You may also be interested in reading about How to do a Cost Benefit Analysis for E-Learning and Using KPIs to Make the Business Case for e-Learning

Hope these articles and resources are helpful to you and anyone else who's interested in this topic!

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