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Apr 16, 2015

I have been given a great new project for our food safety team, where they want me to write four branched food poisoning scenario's taking a Food Safety Officer through the decision making points they would make in real life eg: assessing paperwork, deciding on a likely pathogen, interviewing the premise owner using the right line of questioning, identifying critical control points which may have broken down to cause the food poisoning.

Sounding great so far right? The snag I have is this needs to be an assessment and will be marked against the learner in our Learning Management System. As I understand it, in Storyline (I have version 1) you can't put assessment questions within a module, any assessments have to be done as a separate group of questions to accurately be marked by the LMS.

I'd like to have a couple of information slides either side of my assessment questions tying into information that the Food Safety Officer would gain as they went through the process. For example information you are sent by the public health unit is x (the learner has to read the sample form and make a decision on a likely pathogen from the symptoms) I envisage the next slide would be the assessment question where the learner selects (maybe a multiple answer multi choice) which are the most likely pathogens given the information on the form. The manager concerned also wants the learner to write a short paragraph to justify why they have selected the option they chose.

So e-learning heroes can I do this project justice?

1. Can I design an assessment that is also informational? What would be the best approach?

2. Can I have some short answer questions that would be sent to the LMS, and reviewed by the manager to further assess the learner?

Looking forward to hearing your advice.


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Fiona,

There is actually no reason that you can't put your quiz question throughout the course and still have them count towards the score that is reported to the LMS. Just check the boxes next to the quiz questions you'd like to include in the score in the Slide Properties of the Results slide (see screenshot).

Storyline also allows you to design short-answer questions (see screenshot). However not all LMSs will allow you to view those answers, so I would get in touch with your LMS provider and see whether or not that is possible.

I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

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