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Hi everybody!

I am rebuilding a course originally built in Storyline, using Suite '13.  I was deliberating A LOT! about how to handle this and being about 1/3 in the progress of this project, I still am!!

I have run twice into slides that have different options to click and then to lead you to different answers or descriptions. These options/items/objects change color when you hover on them, before you even click on them. How can I reproduce this using Presenter? or what would be my best bet to get a similar effect.



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Tracy Parish

Hi Millie:

Hover states are not an option in Studio.

My first thought is to add some sort of animation to the object you are trying to highlight.  It's only going to flash in once/twice depending on how you set it up, but it might help get the effect (kind of) across.

Here's a sample attached.