How do I do this?

Jul 18, 2011

The project that I am working is on Adult learning and has been split into 3 modules.

Module 2 is about student engagement and there is a section about listening. Can someone give me ideas on how to make this more interactive if possible? 

One other section talks about student engagement, the activity that they do in classroom training is that the instructor will ask a question and throw a ball to  a student, that student has to answer part of the question and throw the ball to some other student who will answer another part of the same question and so on and so forth, the idea is that students talk among themselves without the instructor being involved at all times.  Any ideas how this can be brought to life on Online training.

Module 3 is about classroom mgmt and the activity they want to depict online is that they usually have 3 or 4 types of students listed like - texter, the church mouse, the know it all, the late comer etc. Now in class they have sign of these posted and ask students to go under each sign that they know how they have dealt with those type of students. Ay ideas how I can depict this online?

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David Anderson

I know the ball activity--it's a good one. You could simulate that activity by having, say, 3-4 characters on the slide and a blank slide for each character that contains audio.

The user clicks each character to hear a part of the story. Meanwhile, a button is visible across all slides that takes the learner to the listening quiz where they're tested on what they just heard.

Here's a quick mockup: view  demo

tin C

David- thanks for the quick response and mockup demo. However, it does not require them to listen to part of the answer and the quizzed on that. It just has to be an activity of showing the ball being passed around and each participant answering part of the original question.

I appreciate your help though

David Anderson

Okay, maybe I should have reversed it. Because this the course will be asynchronous, you could mix up the in-class activity by having the narration tell or describe a story, maybe for 15-30 seconds. Then, follow up with the quiz that asks questions about what they just heard? Kind of like the reading comprehension exams you did in school, only this is designed for listening comprehension.

You can have the audio play-without any text or visuals-before moving the learner on to the following quiz slide. Maybe that would better fit your objectives?

David Anderson

Hi Sid and no worries... Just throwing out some ideas. I'll add one more then let others take a pass at it.

You might want to look at using Presenter '09's Web Objects to combine a social media component in your course. This would better enable collaboration and interaction between learners and extend the course beyond its inherent asynchronous limitations.

Here are a few examples of social media inserted via Web Objects:

Here are some ways to combine social media with your elearning courses.

Social Media: