How do you use wire frames in your course development?

Aug 20, 2012


I am working on documenting the process of eLearning design for a group of designers who have never built  eLearning. I'm documenting how to use a wire frame to organize a class before storyboarding, but in some of my research I'm seeing a lot of conflation of wire frames and story boards. Does anyone else wireframe courses before storyboarding them and how much detail do you include in your wireframe documents?

I appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Scott Hewitt

Hi Stacey,

I know that this is an old post but we do use wireframes and I noticed that you didn't get a reply yet! We found that they are an excellent starting point in the development process. We use them to show the layout of the screen assets and also to reduce the amount of time in the graphic stage.

Many of our team have a background in web design and print so they are used to working with wireframes. We've started to use wireframes with clients and whilst we need to explain what we are providing them with it does reduce the amount of graphic re-work. We've moved on from a simple layout diagram to a semi-designed layout that shows the position, assets and possibly some client content - if we have it. If we are able to meet the client in the meet we can use paper cut-outs to move them around on a table to show how things can and can't be moved.

With the wireframe documents we normally provide a breakout so that we can describes what the on-screen element will do and where it works with other elements on screen. We have found that wireframes focus people on the layout and the interface where when we've provided a screen the main focus is colour, font and images - its difficult to get people to look beyond that.

If you are still interested in using wireframes then here are some resources that you might find useful:

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