How to ad a Contribution in the downloads section.

May 03, 2014


There are tons of good items in the "downloads" section. We are designers at and we have  a lot of design recourse to share with our Articulate community, and whant to contribute.

So the question for members, how can i ad a download in "DOWNLOADS" section, where's a button or something.

Thank you.

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David Anderson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Maxime!

You're more than welcome to share your resources here in the forums. You can use the paper clip icon to attache files directly to the thread.

We have a 2mb limit so you'll want to post larger files on your site or something like Dropbox. We'll also feature your downloads in our weekly recap ( so our community can easily find your freebies.

Again, welcome to the Articulate community!


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