How to add exit animations correctly

Aug 14, 2017


I am new to using Articulate, and I'm having trouble getting objects to exit a slide correctly. I have set it up so that user clicks an arrow, which should trigger some text to leave the screen with a fade exit animation on it. However, what I'm finding is that the text fades out at the end of the base layer timeline, before the user has clicked the arrow. 

I have managed to make it work correctly without the fade animation, however this looks to jerky & the fade animation makes it look smoother. The other way I've managed to get it to work is to extend the base layer timeline to make it so long the user would have clicked the trigger by the time it ends, but this isn't ideal. 

I'd be grateful for some advice on how to set this up please.

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Sophie Cummings

Hi, thanks for responding! This does make sense to an extent, however I'm not sure what object to attach the pause timeline trigger to. I've added a screenshot to my post to demonstrate what the slide looks like. Its an introduction bit, which shows automatically when they come onto the slide, the learner is then required to click the pink arrow to view the other layers which have interactivity in them. Prior to clicking the pink arrow, there isn't anything else for the learner to click, is there a way I can add a pause timeline trigger in that doesn't require the learner to click or hover etc for it to work?

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