How to ammend a screen built by an expert

Hi Everyone.  This is more looking for suggestions on how to solve a design issue.  I recently spent about $100K to get a designer to build a course for me while I was busy upskilling in the software.  They have delivered the course and left the organisation.  I have now had a request to make what to the novice seems to be a simple change but looking at the build I cannot see the rules the designer has put in place or an easy way to make the change.  What would you suggest I do now?  This is a critical slide that involved calculations that people must get right to be able to proceed with the course.

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Matthew Bibby

It's hard to say without seeing the slide and knowing the changes that are required.

Happy to take a look and give you some pointers. You can either share the details here or contact me directly.

But really, if someone has charged you $100k to build a course, then hopefully they could take the time to help you make a simple change when required! 

David Goodman

As Matt stated, it is hard to advise you without seeing the course. Are you sure it is a SL course rather than Captivate? If it is SL, you could simply place a button on the screen prior to the required change and have the button show a new layer which contains the formula/example. Or, if you prefer just add a screen after the proper screen to insert and place your formula/example there or import a quick sim of the action onto that slot. Do you need to change other screens that used the formula, or any assessment questions that contain the formula? Try to provide this list with some more details so that you can get some help or as Matt suggested, give him a copy of the course. Matt has magic up his sleeve and can assist you.

Sharon Smith

Thanks everyone - I will share the slide.  It is a tricky situation as there was a limited time contract with a lot of terms and conditions.  The developer is willing to help and has even given a bit of advice but has moved to another employer so our company wants us to deal with it separately if possible.  The contract also involved more than this product but every other one is fine.