How to create a jumping up animation effect in powerpoint

Mar 13, 2012

I have a picture of a kid jumping up in the air.  I would like to animate this picture so it looks like the kid is jumping up when the slide opens.  I use the "up"  motion path tool, but it does not really look like the kid is jumping up.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can make the jumping more realistic?  Thanks

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Kristin Savko

Or maybe using a custom motion path. Chances are that the kid would not jump in an absolute perfect line.

I like adding the grow/shrink like Adam suggested too.

The biggest challenge to me sounds like what to do about the legs (assuming it's a photograph that you can't make the knees or ankles bend). You might need to only show above the knees (at least at the start of the jump). Or maybe start the slide where he's already partially in the air so that it looks less awkward?

Michael Sellers

Great activity for after lunch to wake up the brain!

I added a little upward movement at the same time as grow/shirnk (125%), with a .09 "bounce"  in effects on the end before auto-reversing the annimation. the upward and grow at the same time gives it a perspective and the "bounce" at the end adds a "moving pause" in mid-air.

I don't know if this helps you any, but it was a fun to work on! Thanks!

James Brown


Here is a good example of kids jumping. Just play with the animation duration. What I created this for was a kids ministry night where at the end of the night the teacher hands out the most enthusiastic award. I also added some firework effects to add some fun to the slides. Anyway the kids and trophy are from MS Clipart but the rest items build by me and this should give you a good start.

James Brown

Not bad.. I kind of expanded on this. I cut out the grass so I could use layers which allows the person to appear to  jump forward from behind the first grass hill and land behind the front grass hill. I also used the shrink grow effect to make it appear that the person was jumping forward.  I must admit I can do this type of animation a lot easier in Flash but Power Point also works. MS wants to mimic some of the effects but IMHO they still have a long ways to go.I think if they actually made a timeline like Flash with layers, you would have better control over your animations

James Brown

On the first jump post  with the kids, I actually used the slide master to house the animation and the images.  Once you switch to the Slide Master  you will see the animation. The second post was not done this way. I set the background in the Slide Master but then I added the two grass parts and the jumpers on the actual slide. Hopefully that helps.  (I know -- I need to start making screenr's. )

James Brown

BTW - I also separated the kids so I could animate each one individually. You should be able to do this with the remove background feature in Power Point. I actually used Adobe Fireworks since it has a pen tool which allows you turn the trace into a marquee and then cut the piece and create a new png with a transparent background.  I also used Fireworks to add a pillow emboss to the trophy. Hopefully I'll be able to drum up the funds to pickup CS5 and Adobe Illustrator. There are a lot of cool effects that allow you make your own self drawn characters that you can use in your own projects. 

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