How to set the time of slides when using imported audio.


I am creating an eLearning program where slides advance automatically.  The audio for the program is developed  using an animated avatar program (Media Semantics). I know that in automated mode, Articulate automatically looks at the length of the audio file, and advances the slide after the audio completes. However, because the audio is developed in an outside program (Media Semantics), and imported as part of a Flash movie, Articulate does not recognize the audio.  (The audio plays just fine in Articulate;  but Articulate cannot "see" the audio to use in the timing.)

My question:  Is there a way to set the timing of auto-advancing slides when audio is imported from an outside program--and not recorded in Articulate?  For example, if the audio for a slide ends after 15 seconds, but the slide doesn't advance until 25 seconds, how can I set it to advance after 15 secs?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Vicki - there are 2 tricks you can try for that. One is to record or import silent audio at whatever length you want your slide to be. Another approach is to add a shape to your slide, move it off the slide stage (so it's not visible to the learner) and apply a PowerPoint animation to it. Then time the animation such that it appears at 15 seconds (or whatever you want your slide duration to be).

Vicki Kunkel

Thanks, Jeanette.  I have several animations in the slide, and I thought the end of the last animation would signal the advance of the next slide, but that hasn't worked.  I'll try adding a hidden animation up front that is timed for the desired length of the slide.

If I import silent audio, will that override the audio from the avatar?  Logically, I suppose it shouldn't, because the avatar is imported as a flash movie.

Thanks again for your suggestions--and for your fast response!  I'll give them a try!

Jeanette Brooks

It sounds like maybe Presenter is "hanging onto" a previous slide duration of 25 seconds... which might be why the slide lingers even after your other animations complete. You might try publishing (not previewing) to see if that helps reset the slide length. If all else fails, you could try copying/pasting the slide contents into a totally new slide (with no audio).

Heather Dickinson

Hi Jeanette/Vicki

I'm having the exact same problem as Vicki doing the exact same thing (media semantics character with images animating on the screen).  I managed to get rid of the delay on other slides but am having trouble with just the one.    I've tried the workarounds mentioned above, have re-built the slide from and scratch again and have tried publishing to reset the slide length - but not luck. 

Any other suggestions?  I don't want to add a hyperlinked "next" button/arrow as I'd then need to apply it to all the slides and they are working fine.


William Abalos

Hey, same problem here! I put animations and a flash video displaying as presenter mode and when i preview, when the video and the animations are done, the slide continues without advancing to the next slide with complete silence. What can i do for the presenter to advance to the next slide automatically when the video really finishes? (the option for advancing to the next slide when video finishes when incerting the flash video doesnt work).

Note: Animations are delayed because of a syncronisation. It might be that, but still i dont know why because delaying timings does not over pass video time.


Heather Dickinson


Thanks for your help.  I have to say...I'm feeling a bit "stary eyed" talking to you Jeanette!  I listen/watch and read your tutorials on a regular basis.  You've helped me a lot over the last 12 months so thank you!

There was one thing I didn't try which was to import silent audio which I tried today and guess what..... it worked! 

Thanks one and all for your help.