How to use better your resources when you want to put your e-learning courses online

Jan 20, 2015

Hello, I am new on the e-learning topic, but I am very interested and the information that I found here in E-learning Heroes opened my mind for a lot of things to do.

I want to design e-learning courses to put them online for my clients, but in the country that I live, the internet conection is not very fast, so I want to know if you have any tips to use better my resources (video, audio and others) for the best benefit of my clients.

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Jennifer Valley

You could roll out a campaign where users have to download the course for viewing on their desktop.  It's crappy for tracking but at least they would be localizing their view.

I'd also do research into compression. You may be able to compress the video/audio/images to reduce the size and make the file load quicker.

Stephen Cope

I agree with Jennifer, compression is the way to go. Look at alternatives to using video if possible, if you do use video think about using smaller snippets.  Use text instead of audio if possible.

Play with the quality settings in Storyline and find a compromise that you can work with.  Any video and audio that you use will carry with it an overhead in term of bandwidth required.

Good  Luck  

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