Hunting for a solid LMS (if that's even what I need...) please help!

Feb 09, 2018

Looking for recommendations for an LMS solution for a small business of less than 1200 employees.  We are currently using Articulate Online as a patch but in need of a more permanent, long-term solution and I am becoming a bit discouraged at the length of the process and overwhelmed by the options.

Short list:

-Single sign-on capability

-Rule based assignment of training

-Reoccurring training assignment automation

-Accurate reporting data capability

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Dave Goodman

Amy - Craig Weiss puts out an annual report that is very robust. The LMSs that he likes for companies in your size include: CreateLMS and eLogicLearning (plus larger ones). Also, look at Litmos, Firmwater, RemoteLearner, etc. Many people on this forum have other excellent choices. I would first write up your more detailed requirements before you speak to any vendor, e.g., classroom management?, ecommerce?, association management API, curriculum development, cloud management, etc. We are not associated with any vendor but we had to go through the same tasks that you are going through. I attached our initial LMS requirements doc for your review. There are about 1500 LMSs on the market - choose wisely - LMS vendors come and go. You want to protect yourself from future agonies. Regards.

Bruce Graham

The only LMS I have ever loved, recommend, and currently have a sideline as an admin for is Docebo. There's nothing I've found that it cannot do, it's friendly to use and learn, and has a great support team. Works fine with Articulate products.

Never sure about Craig Weiss' recommendations - once heard it alleged you pay to get onto his "recommendations", however, no idea whether that was or is ever true.

Melanie Sobie

I've been using Cornerstone OnDemand since 2014 and have been very happy with it. They can do everything on your short list and it's also very user friendly to administer. 

However, Cornerstone is moving forward with a major redesign in their training catalog that uses Netflix-like machine learning and algorithms to suggest training for employees. It's a plus for a lot of companies, but it's certainly not for everyone.  

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