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Matthew Bibby

I worked on a project earlier in the year that was loosely based on this game. It was a medical investigation course in which the learner had to unravel a confusing medical issue by exploring the different information available.

The course navigation was driven by four buttons at the bottom of the screen, the first would open audio files (interviews), the second would allow the learner to look up records in the hospital records system,  the third would provide additional clarification/detail and the fourth would open the investigator's notebook where the learner had to record the right information in order to solve the issue. 

It was tricky to get right, but it worked well in the end, although we did have to make a few compromises due to time constraints which resulted in a less complex final product than I had envisioned.

Matthew Bibby
Rich Cordrey

If I had a nickel for every time I've said this about work projects...

Ha ha, yes, this one was particularly frustrating though as we were so close to having it working as designed, but had to change direction at the last minute. It was a great project to work on though, I learnt a lot. 

Rob Anderson

I started working over the weekend on a version of this game using Storyline. I had to find a copy of the game for the original Macintosh so I could mimic the spirit and feel of the game. Stay tuned... 

If I can find a floppy large enough, I'll put a finished copy on it for the proper effect... lol