ID for an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Jun 19, 2021

Hi E-Learning Community!

I have been tasked at my office with revamping the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the surgery coordinator role. Ideally, it will be an online version of the employee handbook as a reference guide for the position. I have made courses before with Storyline, but I'm wondering if there is a different format that would suit this project better. The above role is constantly changing and I would like to create a reference guide that could be easily updated on a continuous basis as the procedures and tasks for the role evolve with the medical practice. 

Does anyone have a recommendation for which program/templates would work well for this project? 

Many thanks,


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Caleb,

This seems like a job for a PDF. Or multiple PDFs. The file(s) should certainly include links that make it easy to locate the needed info. But if people just need "an online version of the employee handbook" that will require frequent updates, this seems like the easiest route.

  • TIP: Always keep the PDF file name the same, and put any version #/date within the PDF. That'll prevent the link to the PDF from breaking every time it's replaced/updated.

Rise seems like the next-best option, since it's easy to put together. And it has the added bonus of being responsive. The main drawback is that updating and republishing must be done by someone with an Articulate license and access to the source "course."