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Nov 26, 2013

Hi everyone

I'm in the process of designing an eLearning module around our Code of Conduct. In terms of the content, I've got an introductory topic and then 4 other topics (that the learners can access in any order). I want the module to be as interactive as possible and have developed some scenarios based on actual ones from my workplace.

I'm trying to come up with some ideas for the visuals and a theme and I feel like I'm feeling stuck for ideas. Because the content is dry I want the moduel to be engaging. So far I've come up with a 'secret agent' with 4 missions or 4 different rooms in a building or 4 chapeters in a book or 4 challenges/puzzles.

I was wondering if anyone has worked on this type of topic before and if you'd be able to share some ideas on how you made the module more visually interesting.



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Bruce Graham

Personally, I would stay away from the "secret agent" approach - because I like to try and keep content close to the persona of the learner - you have to make it "real" for it to mean anything to them...

In all these dry topics, I always start with the same mindset and question....let's play with it and see what would happen if they BROKE the Code of Conduct.

Start by reversing the whole thing, (which may actually address some of the reasons you have a Code of Conduct in the first place...). Amplify bad behaviours, caricature them, push them to their limits and show THOSE as scenarios - then get people to think, and address WHY the conduct shown was incorrect. You can actually introduce some scenarios that look perfectly plausible, yet display some subtle legal nuance or other, which will assist with the learners wanting to find out the answer, we call that "learning stuff

Call it something interesting - which is more compelling?

"Company X Code of Conduct - 101"


"Phil and Nancy have just been fired!  Why?"

Just my 2p worth - hope it sparks some ideas.

Bruce Graham

Matthew Guyan said:

Hi Bruce

Thanks for the advice and ideas Bruce, I appreciate it. You've got me looking at it in a whole different way!



That's what I do

I would recommend "The 5 Faces of Genius" - unreservedly.

My preferred style is "The Fool", yet the ability to harvest ideas from all 5 of these is HUGELY helpful in eLearning design.

Sarah Redmond

Hi Matthew,

Also consider whether the Code of Conduct has to be re-viewed by employees during their time in the company. I found that when I created soemthing amazing, everyone loved the first time they did it, but when it had to be "resigned" a year later, everyone just wanted to be able to tick and flick as they remembered the content. Not sure if your LMS handles different content retesting, but if not, then might also be worth having a dry option - a straight T&C type "Do you comply" area. 

Otherwise, wanting to gamify or storify dry content is tough, but manageable if you keep a high level view of things. Don't put in all the information, let them discover it and collect tokens throughout if you want to get really creative!


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Matthew:

Visually, when I think "code of conduct," I see promises and contracts. Employees asserting that they will act in a certain way.

I'd probably start by googling (images) code of conduct, and seeing what types of visual treatments you dig. I did that and sort of liked the way Toyota handled (visually speaking) its Code of Conduct (especially p. 4). I also like the more icon-based visual approach in this example.

As far as content goes, I'd probably approach this with a set of scenarios at the beginning of each section and then a recap of the main points at the end of the chapter. Hope that helps a bit. --Daniel

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