Identify feedback layer layout

Jun 13, 2019

How can I identify the layout used for the feedback layers? I have tried changing the master feedback layout but somehow I can't see the changes in the feedback layers in the slides.  In the feedback master, there are many layouts and it might be the case that I am not changing the layout that is used as the feedback layout. 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Rachna,

I'm afraid I have drawn a blank on this one. I have made changes to the Feedback Master that your slide is using, but, like you, I have seen no changes occurring to the slide itself and I am not sure why that is the case.

I have even tried changing to a different Feedback Master and then changing back to the original, but it doesn't appear to make any difference.

Ulises Musseb

Question: did you change anything in the feedback layer manually before editing the Feedback master? If that's the case, the issue is the same (or similar) to the way it is in PowerPoint with slide masters.

Once you make manual (some; to this day I still don't know what exactly causes this) changes to the feedback slide, it becomes independent. Seems like any manual changes that you make to the feedback layer precedes over anything else that you do in the feedback master.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Rachna!

Some great suggestions here, and thanks for also sending your file over to our Support team for review. This was a tough one, but I see Christopher was able to sort the issue with these steps:

  1. Open Slide 1.5 Question 1 and select the Incorrect Layer or Correct layer
  2. Go to Question Tools/Design and then change Feedback from 'By Choice' to 'By Question' (This should update the Feedback layers for that slide and may take a few seconds)
  3. Notice that the font size and color of the feedback box should now be the same as the layout in the Feedback Master
  4. After confirming this, flip the Feedback back from 'By Question'” to 'By Choice' (This should now reflect the appropriate format that is shown in the Feedback Master)

Also, I shared the font size issue you're seeing on the same file within your case. Be sure to reach out there if you have any questions as we dig deeper!

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