ILT Activity Ideas for Corp Mission, Vision and Values

Apr 03, 2014

A little bit different than our usual elearning banter, I'm looking for some ILT activity assistance.

My company has written a mission, a vision, identified values, and culture. I'm tasked with REorienting current employees to these since they are relatively new and no one has been formally introduced to them.

I'm searching for activities to help participants relate to the information  and how they fit into their day-to-day job. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Bob S

Hi Kimberly,

Having done this in the past, we found that relating the activities to the specificas of the MVV itself was the big payoff. For example...

If a key part of your values is"Collaboration"... Consider an acitivity that forces participants to have to find people that have the missing pieces/knowledge/skill to compete a task together.

Also, in terms of relating it to their everyday job, the power move is to have THEM do that piece. Your ILT should focus on helping them understand and experience the MVV, then let them apply it to their roles. This can be done through "personal action plans on...", "create a marketing campaign for....", "make a movie with a flipcam on how...", "write and act out a sketch illustrating..." etc,  all focused on how they will live or apply key parts of the MVV in their everyday roles.

Hope this helps and good luck. Fun ILTs to conduct!

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