ILT to eLearning delivery time estimator

Mar 08, 2022

Hey team, 

I have come across numerous references to estimating eLearning development time (e.g. Chapman Alliance), however there is little reference to estimating delivery time of eLearning compared to known delivery time of Instructor Led Training.

I have come across a range / ratio of between 20% to 80% with average at 50% reduction in delivery time by developing to eLearning.

I know this almost fits into the 'How long is a piece of string' category with all the variables of Level and complexity required, however.

Has anyone got some evidence based figures or a handy estimator / calculator?

Regards Rod

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Beth Barber

I track my time using Clockify or Toggl. This gives me a baseline of time expected to produce content be it ILT or eLearning or blended/hybrid. 

Things to keep in mind, level of expertise and years in instructional design, multimedia design. What took me long to implement when I first started is now a quick thing 15 years later. 

When I think delivery time, this could be two parts the delivery of the course, then going through the 80/20 rule with learners in a class with the instructor, 80% of the information is lost. Or delivery in creation of a ILT course to delivery of it through virtual and/or in person learning.

Times on average from whitepapers and the eLearning industry are just that averages, some will take longer, some will take a shorter amount of time to produce, then you get into scope creep where requests are not followed and it takes longer because people keep adding stuff to the request.

So for me it's this, I track my time, so I can give my client/supervisor/team/etc. a baseline with 1.5 times so that I allow room for edits, review, changes to the course I am creating be it instructor led or an eLearning build.

Hope that helps.