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We have an (ever-growing) image library, which is outgrowing the basic folder / file name sorting.

I have loads of different programs (Adobe bridge, PaintShop Pro, Irfranview, Picasa, etc) which do a great job of searching image tags, but they require local installation. Also they often don't like network shares.

We want to be able to search on name / tags / keywords, but the catch is that we want to install the search engine on the intranet, not on local pcs. Users should be able to go to a web page, type in their keywords / tags and then get a browsable list of images back from all the sub-folders in the networked image library. We can install a MySql or similar database on the intranet if needed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for suitable programs?


Karl Manning

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Nicole Legault

Hey Karl!

Thanks for posting your question here. This is a topic I've seen come up a few times as teams are more and more global and people want to easily share and re-use content. 

You might want to check out this past forum discussion (Internal Media Databases) and see if any of the links or articles there can provide you with some ideas or insights. 

Hope this helps!