implementation of e Learning unit inside companies

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Kindly find the attached file that contains an approach for founding and establishing of e Learning unit inside companies as a part of the training and development department. It describes the main function of he e Learning unit, the structure and the job description of each member inside the unit. Hardware and software of the unit are also mentioned.

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Bruce Graham


What exactly are you trying to achieve here?

Is this something that you have been asked to produce for a specific purpose?

There are many things in this document that could be commented upon - for example, you are concentrating on SCORM, why not looking forward to Tin-Can API? That would be planning ahead for the future - your approach (in my opinion) could therefore be seen as almost out-of-date before you make it.

eLearning is not a "must", it is an option. If needed you could probably do exactly the same through a series of weekly/monthly recorded Webinars - saying it is a "must" is (I think) a sweeping generalisation.

The Job Roles al seem a bit arbitrary to me - you seem to have SME in your departmental structure; I am not quite sure what benefit they bring, they seem to be doing a role typically performed by an ID.

There are several things that could be seen as incorrect, for example, the whole function COULD be outsourced - it may be cheaper.

Do you have costs for your "small room" recording studio?

You only talk about LMS, why not LRS? It is very "old school" to have the eLearning department producing reports - why not have departmental self-service reports based around Business metrics?

I would not say that it is the role of the eLearning Instructional Designer to "...facilitate continuous process improvements within all the company departments". Typically, many IDs do not have any experience of other departments, let alone the mandate to assist making change happen.

etc. etc.

I would like to see a much better Business Case for this document's existence and to support your approach - for example, do you have funding for this? If not - you need to include a substantive section on the costs and benefits. I would also reduce your software list, and were it my department I would probably outsource animation work.

Sorry - but this seems rather "weak" to me if it is meant to be an actual real, living business approach. All it does is make some very generalised statements about how an eLearning department might work, it needs considerably more purpose, structure, depth and "business language" in my opinion.


Amr Zaghloul

Thanks Bruce for your valuable clarifications,

My company had taken the decision to make an e Learning unit inside the company, as we had contracted with some agencies to convert our pre authorized medical contents that are customized to suite our pharmacists into LMS deliverable interactive contents, but the result,time and cost were not satisfied.  In the first year we will use LMS then 2014 we will move to Tin-Can API. We have many SMEs inside our company as we employee about 2000 pharmacists, so as you advice they will have a role and not a permanent job inside the unit. The processes inside my company are develop and change so fast, so i think e Learning can help in training on understanding the new processes. 

Your feedback and your advice is highly appreciated Bruce, I'll take your advice and think again about your words.

Thanks Bruce


Bruce Graham


Many thanks for clarifying, that helps explain a lot more.

I still think you need to do some more business-justification work, I would be more than happy to review your document should you wish once you have re-worked it.

Just send me a PM via this Forum if you want more assistance.