In-line Polls ?

Dec 08, 2017

We are looking to implement Level 1 evals in a course.  After the content and before a completion/certificate slide.  I'm looking for  what others might be doing:

  • How many questions are typical?
  • How many points on the scale? 2 ...11?
  • For a non-HR course (we are a hardware and technology-training group) ,can you provide a few question examples?


Travis Baits



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Christy Tucker

I highly recommend Will Thalheimer's book on how to write these evals, Performance Focused Smile Sheets. That book includes a number of strong sample questions.

As for the number of questions, I aim for 5 questions or less when I can. For longer courses, you can have as many as 10.

In addition to the forced choice options in Thalheimer's book, I like including at least one qualitative question to gather open-ended feedback. If I can include two, I use both of these; if I only use one, I use the second question.

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