Instructional Designers - We're hiring

The State of Wisconsin, Department of Corrections, is hiring two positions in our e-Learn Unit!

One position will be the lead worker and will have primary responsibility for managing our LMS ( = Taleo) and coordinate the project workload for the e-Learn Unit. The second position will be a regular e-Learn Unit instructional designer like myself. We use Articulate Studio 09 as our main course authoring software.

We are located in beautiful Madison Wisconsin and serve over 10,000 employees in the Department of Corrections. We have learners in a wide variety of job roles so there is always lots of opportunity for developing and producing all different kinds of online courses. We employ doctors, nurses, social workers, office workers, probation and parole agents, correctional officers, etc. We promise you won't get bored!  The e-Learn Unit consists of 3 full time and one part-time position. We also have another group of about 15+ classroom trainers that train our newly hired correctional officers and probation and parole agents. This is a really fun, fairly casual place to work and there are so many exciting opportunities for growth here. 

Please apply if you want the opportunity to have a great time and enjoy your work!

Go to & search for the two job announcement codes below:

Job Announcement Code(s): 12-03011, 12-03012

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