Intructional Designer vs E-Learning Specialist

Sep 27, 2011

I have been building e-Learning courses for about two years in my present job, as a Trainer.  My organization is growing and we are looking at creating an actual e-Learning unit.  Besides my University Degree in Information Technology, and a certificate program in Teaching and Training Adults, I do not have any formal e-Learning training. 

I have the opportunity to upgrade my skillsets, and shape my new job title.  The plan is for me to be more of an instructional designer in the e-Learning unit, with specialized skills, and hire one or two developers to write, and author the courses.

My questions are, should I look into taking courses in Instructional Design, or more generic e-Learning specific courses?  My job title is most probably going to be e-Leaning Specialist.  Which would help me in my future endeavours?  Does anyone know of any good online courses to take for instructional design?

Thank you in advance.


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David Anderson

That's a really great question, Joe. We had a lively discussion on this topic a little while ago in our What degree/certificate programs exist thread. We listed a lot of programs, but what you might find more meaningful are the recommendations from other users.

We also have another thread on the skills required in future ID roles. Several perspectives offered in that thread

Steve Flowers summed up the major areas of e-learning expertise as:

  • ISD (Cognitive science, performance consulting, real work problem solving and interpretation)
  • Graphic design (Visual judgment, tools, visual components of Web development, etc..)
  • Technical skills (Web development, coding, integration)
  • Project management skills

Have you decided on a specific area you're most interested in mastering?

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