What's your Title?

Jan 05, 2012

So, I have the neat oppertunity to "re-title" myself in my position at work. I had originally been hired under the title of Learning Specialist, but this does not really descirbe my position very well. Thus, I have been given the task of proposing a few new titles for my boss and I to pick from.

Therefore, I thought I would present the question to the community and see what you other creative people might help me come up with.

My job deals more specifically with the Instructional Design and composition of the training. I am the one using Articulate to creat courses. I do the designing, building, voice recording, and editing, for all the courses. Plus I also do a decent amount of project management. However, we do have another person in charge of a lot of the script writing and adult-learning techniques in the office.  Generally my has been on e-learning training design...but I have helped with some live training as well (and I think I would like to steer away from "e-learning" in the title.)

I know this is really random, but I thought maybe someone would think it was fun to think of the "perfect title" if they could name themselves at their company. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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