Is there a silver lining to Adobe Flash End Of Life?

Hi community! The year is coming to an end and so is Adobe Flash. As I’ve been working on updating and republishing a number of older courses, I began to think about some of the positives that have come from the end of Adobe Flash. For example, I’ve been able to update out of date content, refresh old graphics, and make this maintenance spreadsheet (which I think may also come in handy for future updates). I know it can feel overwhelming to update so much content, but overall, what benefits have you found to Adobe Flash end of life?

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Liz Victoria

Let's not forget trite entrance animations for bulleted text. So many fly-ons that added so little, and actually detracted from usability. What the heck was I thinking?

On the silver lining side of things:

Some clients are using the Flash conversion mandate as an opportunity to make old courses more accessible for more users. Hooray!

And, in the process, they are realizing how much better it is to design/build new courses with accessibility as a top priority from the get-go, versus trying to retrofit non-accessible courses after the fact. 

So, farewell Flash, but hello improved accessibility!

(I absolutely loved ActionScripting, and Flash was a huge part of my early career, so I am feeling a little wistful.)