Is there anyway to build a menu navigation with progress bars in Storyline 360?

Since Rise doesn't allow exporting source files, I'm looking for a solution using Storyline 360 to create courses with a similar menu navigation as Rise. 

I work in Instructional Design creating courses for various companies. Providing source files is an absolute requirement. I know this has been submitted as a product request for Rise, but it's not on the product roadmap as of yet. 

Storyline 360 allows me to export source files to provide customers, but the look and feel is different than what I can create in Rise. I understand Storyline 360 is a more robust product specific for creating complex flows for scenarios and simulations - which is great. 


Specific ask:
Does anyone know of a way to create courses like those in Rise using the Storyline 360 product? Particularly the navigation and progress bars, but also the embedded quizzes, interactive images, etc. 

If there are any examples, I'd love to see them. 



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