Is there global acceptance of eLearning vs Instructor-led?

Oct 09, 2015

Happy Friday!

I wanted to query this community of experts about the use of eLearning for customer education in countries other than the Americas. There's some resistance in my company from divisions outside the Americas (the Europe and Asia segments). These folks maintain that their audiences (customers for our technical products and the folks who sell them) will not accept eLearning.

Does anyone know of any research that describes the acceptance of eLearning vs Instructor-led training for various countries? Our eLearning has been a great success in the Americas, but our other divisions want me to "send them the deck" so they can present Powerpoint and Word to their people. 

Has anyone conducted this type of research, or can point me to a resource where I might find some information? I appreciate it!

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Yun Li

I haven't conducted any research regarding to this topic. However, I read some articles and learned from people around me about the enthusiasm of developing and implementing e-learning courses in China. I have some friends who teach in the colleges that they are asked to created some MOOCs. They even have annual competition of designing MOOC courses. However, this refers to education field and I don't know how it looks like in the industry. 

Hope this helps. 



Snehal .

Hi Marie DesJardin!

I was looking for some eLearning statistics for some other purpose and found this report useful.

It talks about eLearning Market Trends & Forecast for 2014-2016. It gives detailed geographical insights on other eLearning markets such as Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East. It doesn’t give the specific information you are looking for though.

Also check this link for Top eLearning Statistics and Facts for 2015.

I come from India which has highest eLearning growth rate according to above article. Developing countries, like India, face challenges such as technology infrastructure, internet speed, accessibility to internet connections, awareness and knowledge of technology, and insufficiency of recognized eLearning certification courses. These could be some of the reasons why some regions are inclined towards instructor-led trainings.

However there are lot of corporate and government initiatives, and technological advancements taking place to overcome these challenges. Hence despite these, the figures are astonishing depicting the major expansion of eLearning industry in India. The blended approach could also work well in such cases. 

Marie DesJardin

Wow, thanks, Snehal! This is great information, particularly the Docebo report.

I also located this source which gives great info per region, but unfortunately you have to spend big bucks to get the latest report. You can see the summary of trends, however, on the main page:

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