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I'm actually putting together a 1 day workshop for this and looking for some guinea pigs to go through a beta version.  Zsolt Olah is or possibly has pulled content together for a book. I'm not sure what his publishing target is.  

Is there something specific that you are interested in accomplishing with JavaScript and StoryLine?

Matthew Bibby

Angelica, Zsolt has a number of examples here and here

There are 40+ ways shown here in the recap for challenge #132.

I've got some tutorials here.

If you want to begin creating your own code, you'll need to learn some JavaScript basics. MDN is a great resource, as is W3schools, and the Modern JavaScript Tutorial. There are lots of other options, but this should get you started. You should also familiarise yourself with the Storyline/JavaScript Best Practices.

Owen, the workshop sounds cool - good luck with it mate.

Zsolt Olah


Between Matthew and Owen you're pretty much covered for your first year of JavaScript! :) 

As Matthew pointed out https://www.rabbitoreg.com/examples/p99/#/ is a collection of JavaScript examples for Storyline (and some Rise) with code. It's a living document collecting more and more examples. It also has suggestions how to start, what tools you need, etc. 

Just because the Storyline trigger is probably the last place you want to write code in. Only copy-paste the most. It's much easier to use a tool that supports the syntax.


John Jacobs

I am looking along these lines and parsing through the links. I am looking to pass variables (via javascript) to a web server. One way trip. It is so I can gather analytic data.

For example, I have 4 sliders that have variables. After the user makes the selection, I want SL to fire off those variables to my web server to log in a database.