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Aug 08, 2012

I probably put this on the wrong forum so will put it up here as well.

I began working on a jeopardy template and would welcome feedback before I go too much further with it. 

It uses variables for the questions and answers so in theory you could just change all text in one area rather than individual slides.  Is this a good idea?

Only the first column works as I didnt want to go much further if there are imrovements to be made.


Thanks for any feedback.


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Karen Loftus

Hi Tim, lots of really good work so far.  I really like...

  1. the overall jeopardy concept & deisgn
  2. your hiding of images from the master to other slides
  3. the concept of showing the correct response & "well done" as layers
  4. the default value of NAME as being "enter your name"
  5. the cuumulative total showing up on each slide

A few recommendations I would make include:

  • I personlly don't care to the see the "Enter your Name" and 0 score peeking through from the Master on Slide 1.1.  It's a little more work, but I'd remove it the grouped images from the Master and copy them to the 2nd scene slides.  Alternatively, use a different Master slide for 1.1...
  • I'd replace the guy contestant image on the slides with the black cut-out that could loosely be either a male or female.
  • I'd adjust the spacing of the question boxes so the phrase: "here is the correct answer:" can be placed above the 4 selections on the ANSWER slides.
  • Lastly, some of the lining up of the questions and radial icons look a little mis-aligned as you toggle between the question and either the ANSWER or CORRECT layer.  They look good when previewing, but not so clean when previewing. I tried to mess around with them, but wasn;t able to follow the naming conventions totally.)

Thanks for giving me some new ideas! -k

Wim van den Bosch

Hi Tim,

"It uses variables for the questions and answers so in theory you could just change all text in one area rather than individual slides.  Is this a good idea?"

First of all, I think it's a GREAT idea! really smart! I like the way you can just pull these variables to make a customized results slide!

In the case of a jeopardy game, or other game which utilizes just multiple choice questions, I see that changing the "set" of questions for a fresh new set of questions can be done just by going into the variable manager. At the same time the triggers, result slides etc, will still work as planned...this can save a lot of time. So, yes I think this is also a good idea WHEN having a limited amount of multiple choice questions that simple need to be refreshed with new questions.

I haven't really thought a long time about implications that could arise when developing a more complicated and loaded project using your method....

Anyway, great stuff:)


Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Tim.

Your willingness to share really accelerated my learning curve. New to this. Took me a while to figure out how to enter my own questions - and then today I see that forum actually mentions variables control this aspect. My questions far too long to use the variable concept. I tried but sometimes font sizes of different questions appeared different and I do not seem to be able to control this. So I adapted your concept and went with creating different scenes (e.g. scene col 1, scene col 2 etc) instead. And I simply used edit text of each radio button that I inserted. Much more control that way (for me anyway).

Also took me an age to figure out that you must have hotspotted question choices to link master slide to correct question. Although, for the life of me I cant seem to find your hotspots in code. How does one them? Did not even know that that was possible.

My latest struggle is "How do I disable a question that has already been chosen?". I see you simply disabled all radio buttons once a question has been selected - however, question still shows and I dont want question to even show after it has already been selected. I tried initialising a variable connected to question slide to 0 and then to alter that variable to 1 upon being selected. And then changing state of question slide to hidden when variable is 1. BUT its not working (yet).

As soon as i am done I will upload a link to my attempt at using your work.



Alphonso Hendricks

Tim, I have now had time to take your idea and modify it - while learning.

Initially i changed categories to suite my work environment (radar, sonar etc). But then I was invited to do a talk on arbour day at a local school and was able to very quickly change all the questions and categories to suit "Starting an my earthworm farm" presentation. Here is link. 

Since i have used my physicstutor MOODLE to display game - it requires you to sign in with

Username : game


Password: game123*  

Changes that i made include (i) adding music and penalising participant if music stops before they answer the question. Problem is, if they take too long AND answer incorrectly, they get penalised twice the amount (ii) I have removed variables as place holders or questions. Found that was too limiting, especially if my question was too long. Also makes it easier for me to change game with a set of new questions (iii) added a "Thank you for playing and good night" slide at the end of the game.


Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Tim

as requested, I have loaded my Tictactoe. As well as my attempt at Jeopardy. 

I have also taken the time to load to via the JOOMLA part of my website instead of MOODLE as I had originally done. So now no need for username and password etc.

have also attached code.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


Thanks to Heather I became aware of this thread. Love what you did, Tim. Really admire how you were able to think big picture to eliminate work on so many levels, to name  a few

Master slide that works throughout

  • Q/A design that's easily repeated
  • Variables where content can easily be replaced so basic design can remain intact.
  • Hip hip! And thank you SO much for sharing.

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