Jeopardy template for Storyline

Feb 19, 2013


I've been working on making assessments for a few different courses, so naturally the first idea I had was a Jeopardy style review game. I came here to find some templates, but, not being a particularly masterful user, found them a bit obscure for me.

Attached is the template I've created out of two of the others found on this board. It's pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Please use this to your advantage, alter it in any way you'd like, and share any questions/feedback.

Thank you!

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Marie-Pierre Dionne

Hello Alphonso,  

Great job by the way!

I was wondering how you managed to put at the beginning with a black bacground IMT visitor jeopardy.


Is it like a watermark or something?  I am trying to find it and cannot.  A little help please. Thanks


Ben Schmidt

This awesome. I did an add-on..., I created a Double Jeopardy variable 0. I also assigned all the category numbers a variable 1-25. I created a Double Jeopardy layer and put it as the top layer that didn't hide any layers underneath. Then, at the beginning of the game, the game assigns a random number 1-25 to double jeopardy, so when a user clicks on a number 1-25, the game will randomize it so you don't know which is the double jeopardy!! Wayyyy better than assigning a slide in PPT. This way, not even the presenter knows which is what.