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Matthew Bibby

Sorry, James, I intended that as a joke.

To make that demo I:

  • grabbed an image of a bike
  • made the background transparent (using the recolor > set transparent color tool in SL) 
  • dropped it over the top of an image of Jet,
  • grouped them together, then
  • applied a motion path.

My 'easy' comment was tongue in cheek, as while we now have an image of Jet on a bike being animated across the screen, I don't really think this was what your client had in mind!

The issue is that the photos of characters are all taken from the front, and not in poses that are suitable for bike riding. And even if we could combine the image of a bike with character photo, it'll likely look silly. And there would be no real way to animate it so the movement looks at all realistic.

Personally, I'd push back on this request.