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Michael Hinze

There are also tons of free Photoshop actions and patterns available online to create puzzles from any image. Here is an example of a pic run through a Photoshop action and then turned into a puzzle-style drag-and-drop interaction in Storyline: http://dev.keypointlearn.com/xcl71_SL/DragDropSydney/story.html 

Chris R

This one's a bit crude but they're free auto generators (Criss Cross, Word Find etc.) Here's a word doc with an example. In the past, we copy/pasted the puzzle output (new window opens which is text and the crossword grid (a picture) into Word, edited and used for a paper-based ex in the classroom. You could import into SL the basic puzzle image and enhance with graphics and use states with text boxes to reveal correct answers filled in if inputted answer is correct, and so forth.