Join an Articulate User Group

I've had people in our live workshops express an interest in forming local Articulate User Groups. 

Current Interest

Complete this form if you're interested in participating in a group in your area? When we get 10 people in the same state/country (or general area), we'll get you connected.

There are currently some active conversations about  local user groups in the links below:

Tips & Tricks Running a User Group

Nicole has a good article with ideas on what to do to get your user group moving forward.

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Allison LaMotte

Pour des utilisateurs basés à Strasbourg ou aux alentours, nous essayons de mettre en place un groupe d'utilisateurs. Voir cette discussion pour plus de détails.


For users based in or around Strasbourg, France we are trying to put together a user group. See this discussion for more details. 

Michel Beraud


J'ai rempli le formulaire et j'en profite pour inscrire ici que j'aimerais co-fonder un groupe pour la région de Montréal ou au Québec. En français et en anglais, peu importe! 




I've already filled the form, but still want to note in the comments that I'd like to form a User Group in Montreal or Quebec. In English or French, it doesn't really matter!