K-12 Teachers - how are you using elearning the classroom?

Jul 09, 2013

Just a general question / dicussion here:

A friend of mine is getting ready to teach a Technology in the Classroom course at a local college.  We started discussing how teachers might use elearning development products, such as Articulate, in the classroom.  But as we talked, we realized that a lot of the ideas I had all required a significant commitment of time and energy to develop. 

So, here's my question to the community:  Are there any K-12 teachers out there using Articulate or other elearning development programs in their classroom?  If so, how?

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Kelley Miller

I am not a K-12 teacher, though I am very actively involved in K-12 informal education as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. One way that I have used Articulate and other tools is by creating short introduction and/or instructional videos on how to do a self-directed activity. This seems to be a lot more engaging than simply providing the instructions in a print-based format. For example, this next weekend, I will be doing a "build-a-rover" activity using LEGO bricks at a big event in Dallas. I am creating a very short (4 minute) video with Articulate that explains to the kids how to do the activity. The kids are supposed to build their rovers with some required components (represented by different colors of LEGO bricks) and then their imagination for the rest. Most of the time I run this activity by myself, but it can get overwhelming with the number of kids. It's hard to explain the instructions to kids at the start of the line, help the kids in the middle of the line, and take pictures of the kids with their rovers at the end of the line....all by myself. So, this time the kids will be presented with the video that explains the activity so that I am freed up to do other things. Another benefit is that sometimes many kids "bunch up" at the start of the line, and hopefully this video will help control the flow of kids through the activity.

This video has taken very little time to develop, and I will be able to use it many times at the various events that I participate in throughout the year.

Hope this gave you at least one idea.

J Collado

I'm a 9-12 teacher, Yes I has been using  other tools like (Power Point) and combined with Articulate for my blended class (Computer and application -word,excel etc) and coursesite for Blackboard (LMS is free) I had a great results. Now as Articulate user I can do many more things a lot easier. There are a lot of tutorial than you can use it plus your imagination there it no limits. I use the record option from Articulate and incorporate in the Articulate presentation, plus other nice features that articulate has and the result is awesome! 

I hope this will help some how.

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