Kansas City articulate users

Oct 30, 2017

My company would like to host other articulate users in the Kansas City area for a knowledge share get together. Additionally, we may have freelance opportunities in 2018 and would like to have some contacts.  Our team is using both Storyline 2 for an older LMS and the articulate 360 tools. Anyone interested in getting together for some snacks and brain share?

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Nicole Legault

Hey Heidi, 

You may want to check out this article Join an Articulate User Group . Maybe posting it in the comments here could be helpful? There doesn't seem to be a user group for Kansas yet.

Otherwise, from personal experience I can say when I was first starting to host my local Ottawa Storyline User Group I was using LinkedIn to find people, I even reached out to people personally to invite them. I also advertised it with my social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) and I think also I posted it on Meetup or EventBrite. When people started coming it also grew through word of mouth. You might need to make some effort up front to recruit people. Local business and tech groups are helpful to link into also. If you have a local ATD chapter, contact them. Maybe you can collaborate with them.

There's also this helpful community thread where people who have hosted and participated in their own user groups share their tips and personal experiences. 

Articulate User Groups: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

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