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Rebecca Sabetta

Hi Rachel, Thank you for your message.

My team is a separate small training (6) group that conducts specific topics just for our dept. (approx. 400 employees). 

The Learning & Development (T&D) page will be brand new for our dept. (internal only), linked from our dept. main page - where employees can go and see current trainings that are offered, helpful job aids to do their job, introductions to new employees to our dept., etc.

Corporate training has their own page for all employees (11,000).

We were hoping to hear what other training teams / groups display (to help gather ideas).

Hope this helps with our request.

Thank you, Rebecca


First: 1 thing to add to the list above would be: "Engage with Us" 
This link should provide instructions on when and HOW viewers of the page can & should engage with your team.
Second: Consider making your page with StoryLine so that the page itself is an example / advertisement of what you can do.