Learning Explorer Cohort?

Aug 09, 2017

The Articulate boards and forums are the best anywhere for learning and understanding the what/how of designing and developing courses. I am now wondering if there is any interest in creating a small cohort of members to create a new "space" for the purpose of jointly designing and developing a single course which will encompass many of the things that individuals are performing now. By this I mean, can a group produce a future looking learning asset that would incorporate, at least, personalize learning, adaptive design, story design, microlearning, xml, js, curated info/assets with tags, higher level assessments (confidence level and answers), performance learning with intentional high level of failure, xAPI statements, crowd sourcing input, post learning re-enforcement, etc. We may not be able to do everything but if a group was able to do some of these things, we could leap-frog learning design into the future in a more rapid manner than if we did things individually, one idea at a time. We need to see what it could look like, what lessons did we learn, what new processes do we need, what new skills do we need, what is the impact on the infrastructure/lms (can they handle these new assets and designs), etc. My suggestion for a separate cohort is solely for the ability of maintaining focus, shared learning, commitment, etc. I fully understand that some people would prefer to do this in the open forum but my experience and project research tells me that it would not achieve the same end results within a reasonable timeframe. Maybe as stages of the new course are developed it can be shared for input from the forum. The cohort would exist on a social media platform for sharing, knowledge management, idea exchanges, file storage, etc.

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