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Feb 19, 2013

I am looking for help with a project. I have volunteered to train a staff of about 500. What they need is some help in dealing with the stress of the event. When the request comes in, the volunteers don’t have the skills to deal with the skewed sense of urgency. They get swept up in moment and sometimes act irrationally. This turns the situation ugly.


If you are willing to help, I am willing to post everything I do right here on eLearning Heroes and share the final product. (There may be some things I won’t share like the logo and other proprietary assets, but I don’t expect too many.) You can see the progression on how it goes from an idea to a fully formed product for use.


Week 1: Determine objectives.

Week 2: Determine goals.

Week 3: Plan activities.

Week 4: Plan assessments.

Week 5: Create activities and assessments.

Week 6: Tweak and test.

Week 7: Launch.

Are you in?

For more information, check out a longer version of this post here.

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Jeremy Heersink

Just a thought, since i read through the longer version of your target audience.  Why not turn it into a game?  Find some real life scenarios and have the learner make decisions based on the circumstances.  Each correct answer could lead to points/badges or something similar, or earn them something offline (or even a little game in the online learning environment).  I'm interested to see how this turns out.  Great idea to get a whole bunch of people involved too!

Mike Enders

I like that idea Jeremy.  I think it would fit great with this crowd.  Would certainly be cliche but it would be kind of fun to do it in a comic style as well.

Monica, I'd take a very behavioral approach to this.  I think your first two weeks should be focused upon this.  I'd identify the common "Stress" behaviors and triggers that the organizers witness and build my training around that.   Cathy Moore's action mapping process is a good guide for this process.  The implementation could then be focused around Tom's 3C model.  This would make for a fun, interactive course that focuses upon the exact behavioral changes they want to see implemented.

Daniel Brigham

Monica: Mike makes a good point around potential foci to get your started--e.g., the stress (what causes it and the nutty things people do when under its influence). As far as timeline, you might want to give yourself a few more weeks to pull this off, especially since you have a real gig to attend to.

Not sure I'd go the comic route--that's what people expect you to do. I'm wondering if you could go the superhero route, but somehow not go the visual way of the cartoon. Maybe more story-based. Of course, scenarios would be quite appropriate.

christie mckee

What a fun idea Monica-

I'm thinking a little collaborative problem solving...A question posed and interaction with several comic book characters giving advice and acting as resources to support their decision making skills. Perhaps one of the characters does not give a complete answer because they are not thinking it through what might happen and the feedback could point this out.

You could also add a short scenario then have they choose the best question to ask their comic mentors to build a common understanding of the problems that may occur.

The graphics could be a comic book, or comic strip and clicking on it brings the character tutor to life.

I think keeping to the theme of the convention is helpful.  They probably wouldn't have volunteered if they weren't fans of comics.

The good thing about this, is you could build a few master slides to reuse and just change the art work (character on the comic book or comic strip, allowing for a quick development of the e-learning.

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