Let's flip some cards and increase our vocabulary

eLearning Hero community gives us the wings of creativity and helps us to explore something entirely new. Last week challenge was asked to share creative ways to use notecards and flashcards in e-learning.

I know that memorizing vocabulary isn't easy especially when words like "Mutable, Hinterland, and Bailiwick". I tried to be creative and make it easy and engaging for the learners, I put the word upfront but you need to flip the card if you are curious to know the meaning. Nevertheless, I illustrated the meaning of the word by putting the picture of the card.

The idea is to increase the curiosity of the learner to explore the information by himself. We can use the same approach by adding terminologies, formulas, product knowledge, pros and cons, tips and tricks.

What else? - Share your thoughts!

Click the link below: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Challengesarticulate/Portfolioexamples/Glossary+Cards/story.html

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I am working on something similar that gives you 2 modes: Study and Test.
In the study mode, you flip and memorize. In the test mode, you see the cards randomly and select the right response. If you are correct, the card is removed from the deck. If you are wrong, it goes back in the deck to be shown again later. :-)